about Abigail

Abigail Test, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, BFA in Painting, 1984, is primarily a representational artist with a leaning towards mystical realism. When she works, her focus is often on the formal issues of light, color, spatial relationships, patterns, rhythm and balance regardless of whether the piece of on which she is working is a portrait, landscape, still life or one of her dream series. Each piece takes on a life of its own when broken down into its formal elements. Her job becomes creating a whole out of the pieces. “Generally, I like to create a composition which plays with the elements of pattern, repetition of form, spatial relationships and contrast. I like to create a sense of tension. I am drawn towards complexity, but I try to balance that tendency by narrowing my focus to a single object or a more simplified composition from time to time.” An intense palette and strong graphic quality are trademarks of her style. This dynamic balance of color and design lends a sense of immediacy to her work. She has also ben heavily influenced by her travels to Central and South America over the last 20+ years.