dream series

The Dream Series has been developing over the years as a way for me to interpret my experiences in Latin America in a more intuitive manner. I have been heavily influenced by mystical realism, which predominates much of Latin art. This series is my response to that.  I have always felt that the people of Latin America have a less conflicted relationship with the spiritual world than we in the industrialized North have. Many of the people I met during my travels seemed comfortable with the belief that the world of the spirit is as valid and real as the world of objective reality. These pieces reflect that belief by combining spontaneous, free-flowing, collage-like images as a means to merge dreams with memories, the abstract with the real, and the world beyond with the world at hand. For that reason, I feel watercolor is the perfect medium. Each piece tells a story, but there is neither beginning nor end, merely a continuum where time, space and vision intersect.

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Animal Spirits

Bull's Eye

Pastel with Spiritual Imagery